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Update!! We now offer the Every Word Journal in paperback and hardcover! AND we added two new journals with two other reading plan options. In addition to the original Genesis to Revelation journal, there are now the Chronological and Simultaneous Every Word Journals! The Chronological journal takes you on a reading plan in the order in which the events of the Bible occurred. The Simultaneous journal takes you on a reading plan where you will read some of the Old Testament and some of the New Testament most days!

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From the “Hello and Welcome!” page of the EVERY WORD JOURNAL


The EVERY WORD JOURNAL was created to serve as a companion to you as you read through God’s Word every day. The name given to this journal has been taken from Deuteronomy 8:3 where it tells us that we do not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord. And when that verse says “every word” it is referring to every word of the Bible. It is referring to the entire canon of Scripture, Genesis to Revelation.

God has given us His Word to sustain us in this life. Just like we come to the table for food every day, we are to come to His Word every day. As our loving Father, He knows we need this sustenance. He put the hunger for His Word inside of us to begin with. How are we to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord if we don’t know what those words are? The answer is simply, by reading. By engaging with the canon of Scripture every day, we will be sustained in this life.

In Matthew 6:11, Jesus set an example for us in His prayer. He asked that the Father would provide “daily bread.” That daily bread is the Bread of Life, Jesus Himself, the Word. By reading the pages of God’s Word we are communing with the Father, we are sitting at the table with Him. He is nourishing our souls as bread nourishes the body. So as not to forget what He says to you, write it down, document, let it sink in, linger… give your soul time to be nourished, allow your cup to be filled to overflowing. Come to the table expectant, He wants to speak to you, He WILL speak to you. God’s Word is a precious gift that He saw fitting to give us. Here’s to partaking in that gift every day!

Reading and journaling alongside you,                                                                                   Every Word Collective