The Club

The Every Word Journal Club is the community of encouragement and accountability we created for those who want to read through the Bible with us!

We created the Every Word Journal for people to use when they read through the Bible, but we didn’t want it to stop there. We didn’t want it to stop there because sometimes, it literally stops there. We have great intentions for reading through Bible, ourselves included, especially when a new year rolls around. It doesn’t take very long to fall behind or forget. It IS SO hard sometimes to introduce a new habit into our lives! BUT! I FIRMLY believe we get exceptionally discouraged and we completely give up out of guilt or shame or any other reason you could probably think of. What if we could change that narrative? What if the narrative was…

“I’ve fallen behind a couple of days with my Bible Reading, I’m going to text a friend who is also going through the same reading plan. I’m going to ask them to check in with me this week and hold me accountable.”? OR…

“I’m going to periodically get a few friends together face to face so we can check in with each other and see how the Bible Reading is going. It would be great to have encouragement from friends and some fun while we are at it!”?

We want to counter the attacks of the enemy when it comes to God’s image bearers being in His WORD. The enemy wants you discouraged and alone and WE want you to be ENCOURAGED AND A PART OF SOMETHING!

If you want to read through the Bible with us, then YOU are in the CLUB! Everyone is welcome and everyone belongs. You wouldn’t even need the Journal per say, we wouldn’t want that to hinder you from jumping in…

All you would need is:

-Your Bible


-Whatever form you want the Journal to take!

Option one: grab a journal from the “Shop“!

Option two: grab an empty journal & print out one of our Reading Plans here.

-A little time out of your day that you have set aside

-AND the GOD GIVEN HUNGER for His Word that He placed inside of you to begin with! (Deuteronomy 8:3)

In addition to you creating some face to face time with maybe one other person, or maybe even a few other people, who are also in the Journal Club, there will be the online Journal Club. The online Journal Club will be through our Instagram and Facebook accounts @everywordcollective, this website/blog, and emails of encouragement. You can choose one or all avenues to stay connected to the Journal Club! If you would like to sign up for the emails, you can do so here!

Now, I feel like we need to come up with some sort of Journal Club Pledge!