Simple Hermeneutics

How to Study the Bible with EWC

A little back story on this curriculum for the students in your life…

Once again, I had an idea for something that I wanted to use in my own life with my own kids and I could not find what I was looking for anywhere. I wanted a book or curriculum that would teach my kids how to study the Bible at their level. There are sooooo many great resources out there that tell Bible stories to kids at various levels or teach them really good theology (I know because we have a ton!)… but I wanted something that would teach them HOW to study the Bible for themselves. I want them to know how to study God’s Word before they leave the nest! Has anyone else been feeling this tug on their hearts??

Simple Hermeneutics introduces kids to the Inductive Bible Study Method.

In this 12 week curriculum your child will be exposed to the steps of observation, interpretation, and application while reading through the book of Matthew and diving deeper into 12 smaller passages within the book. 

This curriculum is for homeschoolers and public schoolers alike! For homeschoolers, it can be used during morning time or as their Bible class. For either type of schoolers, it could also be used in the evenings around the dinner table for family discipleship. 

Every Word Collective believes that every follower of Christ should know how to study the Bible inductively, drawing out the intended meaning of Scripture. Learning God’s character and what He wants to communicate through His Word is how we rightly and prayerfully apply it to our lives. That is how we grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord.


EWC believes parents are called to pass this skill on to their children before they leave the nest! Then they will be equipped to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord for their whole lives, as well.

This Simple Hermeneutics Curriculum contains:

-Welcome pages with a letter to the teacher and student, reflections on why we study the Bible, a supply list, an introduction to the book of Matthew, words of encouragement, and guided prayers

-A thorough yet simple breakdown of the Inductive Bible Study Method

-Example pages that show your student how they would go about each step throughout the week (the first week is done for them to mimic and get their Inductive Bible Study muscles warmed up)

-Notebooking pages for your student to practice the Inductive Bible Study Method on with passages from the book of Matthew

-A set of flash cards with 12 memory verses, 1 for each week, that coincide with the passage your student is studying

For now, this curriculum is a digital download that can be found in our Etsy shop here!

Simple Hermeneutics can be printed at home and put in a binder or sent off to your local print store to have it print and bound. (My preference is to have it printed front and back and coil bound.)

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As always, please reach out to me if you have any questions!

We hope you will join us on this journey of teaching the next generation how to study the Bible!