HELLO and WELCOME to EVERY WORD COLLECTIVE!!! We are SO glad you are here!

EVERY WORD COLLECTIVE was created out of a need we noticed in our own lives; to be in God’s Word consistently, diligently, and systematically, yet not legalistically, fearfully, or perfectly. Ergo, the Every Word Journal was born. Then shortly after the start of working on the Journal, a new need popped up; we knew we would have to surround ourselves with others who wanted to do the same. Ergo, The Every Word Journal Club was born. This really has been a labor of love for anyone who would find these things helpful in their walk with God. Lastly, we aren’t done dreaming and creating and the “Collective” infers more things to come!

If this sounds like a need you have felt creeping up in your own life recently, as well, grab an Every Word Journal in paperback or an Every Word Journal in hardback and join the Club! The more the merrier, seriously. And for us, it is not about Journal sales. It is about reading through God’s Word, listening for His voice, and the community of encouragement! So, don’t let grabbing a Journal stop you from jumping in. You could grab an empty journal you already have sitting on a shelf OR download and print the Every Word Bible Reading Plan and blank journal pages and put them in a binder;)

Take a look around! Say “Hi!” Follow us on Instagram @everywordcollective where we will be having a party almost every day and/or sign up here to get our monthly Newsletter that we hope will encourage you to keep on keepin’ on!

Now, there’s only one thing we want to know… WHO IS IN for reading through the Bible with us in 2020?!

In Christ Alone,

The Every Word Family

One thought on “Welcome

  1. Thanks, Katie! Would love to receive your emails. Praying many women will get into the Word and become passionate about it, experiencing the freedom they can know in Him as he get to truly KNOW HIM.

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