The 12 Days of Easter Unveiled Challenge!

The 12 Days of Easter Unveiled Challenge 2020 is here! The challenge is to spend a few minutes each day for 12 days leading up to Easter, talking to your children about the Easter story. We use Resurrection Eggs and this PDF script and these Flashcards (Set 1 and Set 2) of our own creation. Here’s what we do…

1. (The Resurrection Eggs are optional.)

2. Print the Script and Flash Cards. I recommend printing and laminating. If laminating is not an option, try and print on card stock. If card stock is not an option, consider leaving the flash cards as a full coloring page to look at while going through the Script.

3. Read each day’s reading to your child(ren) or adapt it and then make your way through the flash cards and eggs if you have them. We like to build the story. So, Day 1 we read Day 1 and on Day 2 we read Day 1 AND Day 2 and so on and so forth. So that, on Easter we are going through the WHOLE story.

4. We would love to see you going through the #12daysofeasterunveiled challenge (unless you are going through a tech detox or have your phones put away). If you’d like to share on IG, be sure to use #12daysofeasterunveiled. And speaking of sharing, feel free to send this challenge to a friend!

That’s it!! There is no right or wrong way to do this! Let conversations happen! You know your children best and at what level they can understand the road our Savior walked to death and RESURRECTION. To them (and to us) it is so sad, what Jesus went through… but I believe the key is to remind them that He did it out of His GREAT love FOR them AND that He ROSE AGAIN, that the Cross was not the end of the story. And because He rose again, showing He has power over death, they (we) have new life and resurrection power in them (us)! This is GOOD NEWS!

**It is not lost on me that you may be a parent that needs to hear this good news. Let this be a time that the Lord refreshes this truth deep into your HEART, as well. I pray these days leading up to Easter (aka Resurrection Sunday) are FILLED with the fullness of God for you and your children BECAUSE the tomb is EMPTY!!!

In Christ Alone,